Can I get a VAT refund?

If you have a valid EU VAT code you can get the VAT back. Click "Generate" in the email receipt, enter the VAT code in the invoice field and you're done. The refund should be processed in 2-3 days.

Is this theme for me?

We tried creating a universal portfolio experience that works for a wide range of use-cases.

If you’re a photographer, artist, illustrator, graphic / digital / product / print / fashion designer, architect, video / film producer or work in advertising, you should definitely give Invisible Folio a try.

Can I modify the CSS/JS?

The CSS/JS files that come with the theme are minimised. This is intentional, Invisible was intended as a final product that should be used as is. The theme options page provides various settings that you can change to make the site feel your own.

Child themes are supported, so if you have CSS knowledge it is very much possible to do customisations. Most of the sizes and dimensions are controlled via CSS variables.

Can you add a feature?

We are working on adding the following features in future releases:

If you had something else in mind, drop us a line and we’ll consider it.

Do you offer support?

We will do our best to fix any bugs present in the theme’s code.

For browser bugs, we support the most recent 2 versions of all major browser.

If the problem is caused by incompatibility with a specific 3rd party plugin or hosting setup, we will do our best to assist you, but can’t guarantee a solution for any issues not directly related to the theme’s code. See the Support page for solutions to some common problems.

As the theme currently doesn’t support custom code, we will not offer support for any hacks that modify the theme’s original PHP/CSS/JS code.

Does Invisible support the Wordpress Customizer?

Not right now, but we will consider adding some support in a future release.

Does Invisible support Gutenberg?

While we understand the potential benefits to WordPress’ upcoming Gutenberg visual editor, we chose to not currently support it, and moreover completely disable it.

One of the main principles behind Invisible was to keep the admin as minimal as possible, just drop in the images and go, so we feel the modular approach behind Gutenberg adds an unnecessary layer of complexity. We will add Gutenberg support at some point in the future.